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The Original Washers Game

Original Washers Game
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We are currently seeking whole-sale distributors in the United States. Please read on for more information.

Thank you for your interest as a distributor in selling our classic game, Original Washers. We offer both discounts on bulk orders and reduced price drop shipping. Original Washers is owned and operated by American Made Games, Inc.

Carpeted Washers Game Set

Wood Washers Game Set
Wood Washers Game Set

For those interested in selling our game, both online and offline, please contact Brian Harmatuk at Please see "Important Facts" below for quick details about our company and product.

  • Original Washers is a a debt free company
  • We're incredibly easy to contact by email and phone
  • Sales have increased every single quarter since opening in 2005
  • Handcrafted in the United States by professionalsLarge Metal Washers

  • High quality design, wood, sanding, rope, and washers

  • Washer boards engineered for light weight and durability

  • Our light weight game means you can take our Original Washer Boards anywhere

  • Great looking Washer Boards and built to last

  • Perfect for companies that have a customer base consisting of people who enjoy being outdoors, camping, family fun, tailgating, sports, party planning, and much more.

  • Quick delivery and heavy-duty packaging
  • Low priced and customized drop shipping available

  • Personal and friendly customer service and care.

  • Contact Brian Harmatuk at who will be happy to answer any questions you have or help you get setup quickly.
Original Washers - An American Made Game, Inc. Company

For those who are interested in advertising Original Washers on a web site or offline referral, rather than being a distributor, please sign up for our Original Washers Affiliate Program and earn money each sale you send us! You can now give your username to your friends offline and have them enter it at so you earn commissions from offline referrals.

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