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The Original Washers Game
Original Washers Game
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Three-Hole Carpeted Washers Game Set
Three Hole Washers Game > Carpeted Washers Toss Game

Carpeted Washers Toss Game - Three Hole Version

Original Washers Game Set - Click to enlarge. Original Washers Game - Carpeted Surface - Click to enlarge.

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Carpet Color

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The carpeted edition is covered with a very nice indoor/outdoor carpet that creates an excellent gaming experience.

Original Washer boards are handcrafted by professionals with a great amount of care put into every single washer board. Each washer board is light enough for one person to carry and even includes easy carrying handles. Two boards are included in each set.

Original Washers
Each Washers Game Set Includes: Original Washers Toss Game
  • Two Regulation Three-Hole Carpeted Surface Washer Boards.
    Handcrafted in the USA and built to last.

  • Six Large Official Sized Metal Washers
    Now includes Washers Clasp for easy storage and portability.

  • 10 Foot High Quality White Distance Rope

  • Carrying Handles

  • Official Washers Rules and Game Play Directions


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