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The Original Washers Game
Original Washers Game
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About Original Washers
An American Made Games, Inc. Company
Original Washers - An American Made Game, Inc. Company
Original Washers, Since 2005

Our mission at Original Washers, from our inception, has been to produce a quality handcrafted game-set that would last for generations, and at an affordable price. Convenient handles and it's light weight makes our game easy to bring anywhere!

In this world of fiberboard and plastic we have chosen to create a game that will not only look good, but endure the test of time. We began as a small business, and we are growing quickly, with a majority of our orders coming from referrals and reorders by customers who are happy with the workmanship, and enjoy playing the game. Many sets are ordered as gifts for family and friends.

Regulation, large metal washers for the game Washers - Six included in every set.
Original Washers is an exciting game that can be played by adults and children of all ages, and in effect brings people together. It is a great game for family-gatherings, tailgate parties, or anytime two or more people just want to play a really fun game! There may be an Original Washers Tournament someplace near you this summer, so now is the time to sharpen your skills. If you are interested in starting a tournament in your area, you may contact us for more information.

More people playing WashersDepending upon what area of the country you live in, this game may be called by other names. It is also known as Washers, Texas Horseshoes.Washer Pitching. Washer Toss, Washoes, and Holy Boards among others. Whatever you call it, and wherever you live, you want the best quality and value. Purchase your Original Washers Game today, for yourself or as a gift, and be prepared for hours of fun! We will ship directly to your start warming up you arm!

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Carpeted Washers Game Set

Original Washers Carpeted Game Set
Retail: $99.95
Sale Price: $ 69.95
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Travel Washers Game Set

Travel Washers Game Set
Retail: $89.95
Sale Price: $ 49.95
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New Washers Game!
Party Boards Game Set

Party Boards Washers Game Set
Retail: $69.95
Sale Price: $ 39.95
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New Washers Game!


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