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Original Washers Game
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Original Washers - Official Washers Game Rules
Official Original Washers (Texas Horseshoes) Rules

Official Rules & Directions for the Washers Toss Game. Each complete Original Washers Toss Game set includes REGULATION Washer Toss sizes, dimensions, and distances available at Wood Washers Game Set

Alternative Names: Texas Horseshoes, Washers Toss, Holy Boards, Washoes, Washers Toss, Washer

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Setting up your Original Washer Board Game:

Place your Original Washer Boards 10’ apart; which is easily measured by the 10’ connecting rope. Six metal washers are provided with your game. Teams may be distinguished by a small hole drilled through three of the washers. Original Washers may be played on a level lawn, on the beach, camping, or anyplace else you wish to play. Original Washers game will at camp.

Initial Play:

Each individual, or one member of each team, throws a washer. Whoever gets the highest points, or gets closest to a hole, chooses if they want go first or second. Players may either stand on, or next to the board. The foul line is at the front of each board.

For a Two Player Game (1-on-1):

Each player will throw their washers from the same side, to the opposite board. The first player will throw their 3 washers; the second player will then throw their 3 washers to complete one round.

After all washers have been tossed, and scores are noted, players will move to the opposite board to continue play.

For Team Play (2-on-2):

Team members will throw from opposite boards. The first player from Team One will toss three washers; the first player from Team Two will toss their 3 washer to the same board. Note scores.

Opposing players pick up washers, and proceed to throw from their side. Team One, player two, throws their 3 washers, then Team Two player two. This completes a round. After all washers have been tossed, and scores are noted.

The last player or team to score plays first in the next round. A cancel does not affect this.

Keeping Score:Original Washers at camp

1) One point is scored for the hole closest to the front of the board.
2) Three points are scored for the center hole.
3) Five points are scored for the last hole on the board.

To score points the washer must fall entirely into the hole.

If a washer is knocked into a hole either by an opponent or by a team member, the points go to the player who originally threw the washer.

If during a round, opponents each toss a washer into the same hole, neither player scores; a player may in this way cancel another player’s successful score.

Winning the Game:

Original Washers at the lakeRules and scoring may be changed, but must be agreed to prior to the start of the game.
The first player or team to reach no more and no less than 21 points wins the game! The round must be complete.

If a score exceeds 21 points a penalty is incurred. If you go over 21 points your score is reduced by the number of points you scored to cause you to exceed 21.

Example: A player or team has a score of 19, and they score another “5.” This puts them at 24, which is over “21.” The previous score must be reduced by 5, the score that caused them to exceed “21.” The score is now 14. If you have exactly 21, you would obviously not want to score any more points for that turn. Toss it to the wind!

Mercy Rule: If one side outscores the opponent by 13 points or more to zero…the other team must call “Mercy!” The other team wins.

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